Jan 13, 2021Liked by Samuel Arbesman

Hi Samuel, a friend forwarded this to me re: Roam as a publishing platform. I'm using roam to publish a novel-in-graph: https://roamresearch.com/#/app/Heterotopic_Content/page/Vn0of_Vtz

It's not so much a "roam book" as it is an effort to bring literature to readers' expectations of text on screens -- almost Wikipedia, but with plot and catharsis.

Also just launching a multi-player experiment (https://www.dikaiopolis2.com/notes/eternal-roaman-literature) which is trying to transpose the acts of a timeline (eg Twitter, FB) into a collaborative storytelling experience.

This new wave of platforms is the first that may allow for literature to grow naturally on screens (vs the now-dominant endless scroll) -- I am exploring these possibilities.

Happy to find your newsletter and look forward to following along!



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