Once again, Samuel, a really sharp blog article with great and useful substance. Reading your article made my unscientific mind reflect on when I came across the word "Kaizen." Out of necessity, I was drawn to the approach of small, incremental improvement. Since discovering it, Kaizen has become a fundamental approach in my coaching [soft skills and personal growth]. Indeed, there are those who can take on big problems or make big changes in their life/work as if there is no tomorrow and seemingly succeed. But most cannot. In fact, many get overwhelmed at this prospect. Enter the practice of "incrementalism." Yes, have a vision to guide you, but to your GREAT point...have "a more gradual and piecemeal one."

I'm less certain about incremental "humanism," though. I don't want to misunderstand your point...but for some/many, humanism connotes "without God" or spirituality. I do get that the word places emphasis and value on the human element (rational thinking, etc.). But for many, the concept of God is a source of hope. Therefore, in my mind, the two are not mutually exclusive. To be sure, I don't know nor suggest that this is YOUR belief; I'm just thinking out loud. ;)

As always, a great and thought-provoking read. Thank you!

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Thanks so much!

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